Monday, May 25, 2009

Extra! Extra! The city lacks a decent local news source!

Full disclosure, right-off-the-bat: I am an avid Globe and Mail reader (when I can get it, I hate reading the news online).

That said, I am astonished at the recent tripe coming out of GAM (and therefore my) rival, The Toronto Star. While I've always known that the Star can be a little too bleeding-heart liberal for its own good (and this is coming from the mouth of someone, forsooth, whose chest cavity practically drips with plasma) it has recently elevated itself to a Toronto Sun level of tabloid-paranoia and factless shock-journalism.

I applauded a friend's father after hearing that he'd written a scathing reply to a Star article outlining the disappearance of Scarborough's middle-class due to its recent influx of immigrants. He wrote, rightly, "Who said immigrants can't be middle class?"

Indeed, the indirect racism of this suggestion* has been more-than-matched by a no-holds-barred barrage on white people. I am not trying to say here that white people have it so bad, because they don't. This isn't a platform for certain deluded individuals to cry poor on the status of Caucasians in the city or abroad.

However, when you're trying to write a credible news article, perhaps accusing a certain college society of "excruciating whiteness" (it's there, read for yourself) is not the best road to take. Besides the fact (in neon!) that Iain Marlow's article on Trinity College's Episkopon is horribly under-researched**, he is a Staff Reporter, meaning that his particular brand of pseudonews is apparently enough to warrant him a comfortable living in the Star's (not-so) humble opinion.

So I will continue to read the few pages of Toronto section that the Globe gives me. Sure, it's hoighty-toighty at times, but at least I can trust that it won't indict my skin colour as "excruciating" anytime soon.

*Unfortunately, I am taking a rather Staresque approach as I haven't read the article in question, and am operating in this instance on hearsay (though said friend has secured a copy of the reply from her dentist - her dad is some kind of local hero now).

**More disclosure from yours truly: I attended Trinity College and know the nature of that organization very well.

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