Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is Lauronto?

About three years ago, I became painfully aware that my name, Lauren, and its colloquialism - "Laur" - could fit into a plethora of different preexisting English words. My computer became a computlaur. I studied Intlaurnational Relations. I worked in a Colaur me Mine Paint-Your-Own ceramics shop. Thus, the city I live in, Toronto, became, to me, Lauronto.

At about the same time as this realization, I also noticed that I didn't really take advantage of Toronto's cultural and social promiscuity. This flirtatious little tart, which boasts millions of inhabitants, thousands of cuisines, hundreds of languages, and at least tens of buildings with more than ten stories (and about one billion starbucks), has wondered why I haven't yet "tapped that," as it were.

This blog is to chronicle my exploits in this city. Shows I see, food I eat, things that astound/peturb/amuse me, all to do with Toronto. Know that I am a student and poor, so dabbling in the cocaine scene or eating gold ice cream will probably not be featured.

Am I qualified to make these speculations? Absolutely not. I am often terrified when I am anywhere outside of the Annex after dark and by myself, as I will probably end up relating more than once in this blog. I also spent much of my childhood (read: all) in the GTA and therefore have lost the respect of the remaining few who still had any for me after the "afraid" statement above. I have many unfounded opinions, bias to anything east of Yonge, and only ate Indian food for the first time two years ago (it was delicious) - I am hoping that these will change (and that I continue to eat Indian food).

I am going to discover and rediscover Toronto, weather- and University-permitting, for the purposes of not only this blog but also so that I can say "I've been to the Distillery District" without lying through my teeth.

Love Lauren

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